Working on visual identities and digital product designs that are useful and showcase your personality.

As an independent Designer, and working several years in that field, I strategically design your digital product that resonates with your goals and value.


Responsive web design

A strategically and well crafted landingpage or website that is fast, responsive and easy to use, can make a difference in your business.

Visual identity

More than a logo – having a professional and consistent visual brand helps you to connenct with your audience sustainably.

Digital product design

UI/UX: Human centered apps are easy to use and fast to learn. Depending on your needs, I’m providing small app designs to whole design systems.

Icons & illustrations

Icons and illustrations support your content and are much faster to read than written words. They are also useful to explain abstract topics.

OCaml Software Foundation Logo, Website

Reason Association Branding, UI

Leiwand Kochen Branding, UX, Photo

Runtastic Art Direction

Aigner Homeautomation Branding

Runtastic, UN Illustration